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LIVE Zoom Beyond the Ordinary Show

Mar 13, 2024 | 0 comments

Join me tomorrow, for Live Zoom Call on Thursday, March 14. I am being interviewed tomorrow by my dear friend, John Burgos on Beyond the Ordinary Show. The call starts at 5pm PT and if you can attend live you will have the opportunity to ask me your personal question.

Click here to get complimentary priority seating >>>

Once you register, you’ll receive email with the call details and a library of personal development tools for you to take advantage of right away.

On this call I’ll be discussing…

* The world is going through a consciousness shift in operating systems, ushering in a Global Awakening. The energetic shifts involve the continual delayering, deprogramming and dissolving of all hierarchal power systems.
* In esoteric symbology, the triangle represents the triune nature of the universe: Heaven, Earth, Man. As a power system, the triangular pyramid epitomizes the parasitic nature of a top-down, dominant overlord.
* In many indigenous or pagan teachings, the circle represents the spirit of feminine energy, the goddess, infinity, the round table, the spiral of creation.
* We are shifting into a new dynamic from mental ego-driven will into heart-centered divine will.
* As you dismantle the hierarchal ruling and controlling egoic system, you rise in higher frequencies into the new circular, collaborative operating system.
* You have an extraordinary opportunity to shift into the heart-centered circular Torus continuum with this process.

I look forward to seeing you on our call!

Here is the link >>> to make sure you get all of the details on how you can join us tomorrow.

Lovingly, Meg


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