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Meg on Beyond the Ordinary Show

Jun 5, 2023 | 0 comments

Join me tomorrow, Tuesday, June 6. I am being interviewed tomorrow by John Burgos on Beyond the Ordinary Show

The call starts at 12pm Pacific Time and if you can attend the ‘Live’ show, you will have the opportunity to ask me your personal question.

Click here to get complimentary priority seating >>>>

Once you register, you will get access to all of the call details and a library of personal development tools for you to take advantage of right away.

On this call I’ll be sharing…
• In April 2023, I traveled to Egypt to fulfill my Soul purpose as a galactic gatekeeper.
• Working closely with AA Metatron, I opened the ancient Zep Tepi gateways at the Sphinx, Great Pyramid of Giza, Temple of Isis at Philae, Hathor Temple at Dendera, and the original Zep Tepi Osirion Temple in Abydos.
• Zep Tepi originated thousands of years ago as the First Time of the Golden Age of Alchemy. Along with the Angelic Guardians, the 12 Root Races joined together to seed a new divine human composed of 12 crystalline strands of cosmic genetic material.
• The ancient Zep Tepi energies are accessible now, entering the 3D earth plane from the other side.
• Your physical body has never experienced this pure, galactic energy before.
• During the show, I will lead a ‘Live’ Activation to access the ancient, pure, galactic Zep Tepi energies.

I look forward to seeing you on our call!
Here is the link to make sure you get all of the details on how you can join us tomorrow.

Lovingly, Meg


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