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Mental Health Crisis

Oct 11, 2020 | 0 comments

It may seem more challenging during this year’s chaotic energy to continue progressing forward in your spiritual evolution and ascension…but persevere. 2020 is bringing to the surface deep-seeded mental trauma, imbalances and insidious possession programming interfering with the holographic mind’s full potential. It is become more and more evident that we are dealing with a global mental health crisis.

Participating in client sessions for the past 22 years has become my ‘graduate course’ in alchemy and quantum healing.  It is a continual learning experience for me as we awaken to higher and higher consciousness. Most believe mental illness only affects those with severe psychosis. In my work, I include all levels of mental imbalance, fragmenting, dissociating, fantasy thinking, ungrounded conspirituality, psychic spying and mental possession.

Mind-control de-programming is turning out to be a large portion of my transmutation work. Since we live in a holographic universe, the mind is where violation is happening beyond most people’s realization.  Even hypnotic spells and NLP are taught in professional sales courses and Mastery classes to persuade and manipulate customers. It all needs to stop.

Humanity is currently experiencing an accelerated evolution in higher consciousness. The increasing illumination is revealing the dark recesses of the unhealthy fragmented mind. No one is immune to this condition. It may come as a surprise to discover just how much programming is actually running in the holographic mind. For example, youtube and social media are transmitting programming 24/7 into users’ minds.

As we reach crisis level, we are presented with a dilemma. Do we continue ‘as is’ or do we reset our daily routine with this higher awareness? Do we start to take cautionary steps to protect the inner sanctity of our mind? Do we add in some healing protocols to clear away destructive, manipulative programming so we can ascend to our Soul’s full potential?

In my discussions with AA Metatron, I’ve been concerned about the safety of the Starseeds/Lightworkers. In his infinite wisdom, he shared “There already is enough light present in the earth plane for Gaia’s ascension. So many Starseed/Lightworkers have been living in the 5D field for years.  We have reached the point this year for incarnated souls to choose which timeline they ground their energy into. They can choose the 5D timeline of unity consciousness or the Qanon/conspiracy armageddon timeline. That choice determines how the ascension will be experienced for each soul.”

If you would like some assistance in healing and clearing programming from the mind, we will be offering a special event, the Mental Health Global Activations next Saturday. We will work on harnessing the grand capacity of the holographic mind to reach higher and higher levels of consciousness.

As we navigate the delicate balance of mental and emotional health during this volatile year, we join together and support each other and humanity into a new paradigm of unity consciousness. If you missed our Heart Health Activations, you can receive the healing benefits in the replay:

Join other Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we gather for some mental wellness on our upcoming Mental Health Global Activations on Saturday, October 17th. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg

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