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Oct 3, 2020 | 0 comments

There is a global malaise surfacing in the collective that is calling our attention. We see it all around us, in the hate speech, the cruelty, the projecting, the victim-blaming and the ego tyrant. All shadow is being revealed in the increasing solar light infusion from the galactic center. It can no longer be ignored or defended. It is front and center…and we as a collective are being called to heal our global wounds.

The 2020 pandemic is unleashing the global trauma for healing and transmutation. This global madness stems from a history of endless wars, genocide, racism, fascism, the horrors of the holocaust, the Orion ET wars, the collapse of Atlantis, and more. If you are being triggered, this is an opportunity to heal, resolve and transcend past trauma and core wounding within.

During these times of intense, rapid changes, we are experiencing shifting timelines in the astral plane. The battle is raging in our mind and heart and requires ‘grounded spirituality’ in our spiritual practice. Achieving enlightenment is learning how to manage our energy.

When you are not present in your body, you can be easily manipulated, living in fantasy thinking. As we awaken as the ‘Observer’ in life, we begin to flush out all hidden unconscious programs, scripts and patterns that are running in the background of our mind.  By bringing hidden unconscious patterns into the Light, we have the ability to reclaim lost or stuck power, raise our vibration and regain inner balance in our central core.

We recognize that the:

·         Majority of thoughts, spoken word, beliefs and decisions originate from the subconscious ego

·         Ego Mind dominates our choices in life, creates disruption, drama, daily habits that are out-of-balance with Soul purpose and service

·         Most mental confusion originates from external ego will – others trying to control and manipulate our thoughts, decisions and actions

·         Mental Clarity depends on Soul presence in the lower human mind – as we attune with Soul frequency

We begin to understand that we really are not our ‘mind’, but a vital, spiritual divine essence breathing life into a complex network of biological parts and circuits that form our human reality. Our life force becomes the embodiment of Soul presence so we have the ability to break free of the prison of 3D Duality and transform our human limitations into what dreams are made of.

As we navigate the delicate balance of mental and emotional health during this volatile year, we join together and support each other and humanity into a new paradigm of unity consciousness. If you missed our Heart Health Activations, you can receive the healing benefits in the replay:

Join other Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we gather for some mental wellness on our upcoming Mental Health Global Activations on Saturday, October 17th. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg

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