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Mentoring Membership Offer

May 23, 2023 | 0 comments

Drawing from my interactions with clients for the past 25 years, I’ve found most people are seeking deeper spiritual connection and desire to live Soul purpose with passion and fulfillment. This comes up in healing sessions over and over again. I remember facing these very same issues myself.

With this in mind, in 2019 I started to build the Quantum Access® Academy with an assortment of Self-Study Online Courses and interactive Webinars. In numerous class surveys, Quantum Access® students repeatedly asked for continued training and mentoring to assist their progress.

Your success is my success! With all your feedback, I developed a new Membership offer. I am so excited to launch the new Ascending Spiral Mentoring Membership Program that is focused on developing more Spiritual Mastery.

If you are struggling to commit to a daily spiritual practice or are newly spiritually awakened…this Mentoring Membership is designed specifically for you. It has something for everybody!

  • Members will learn practical spiritual skills and knowledge they can master over time.
  • Members will receive time-tested spiritual mentoring every month.
  • Members will develop new healthy, spiritual lifestyle habits and actions on a monthly basis.

We have the spiritual toolkit that provides all that we need. AA Metatron has gifted us with his Ascension method, Quantum Access®It is a quantum accelerant for Spiritual Mastery. When you sign up for the monthly Membership Program, you will learn how to:

  • Acquire deeper connection with inner spirit, Higher Self, Soul essence, and authentic self
  • Unlock, dissolve, and clear stuck emotions, trauma, density, and heal core wounds
  • Break free of limiting, debilitating ancestral patterns, programs, and core beliefs
  • Dismantle the controlling ego hierarchy within the body, heart, mind
  • Open, expand and embody your divine Soul energy
  • Shift into living more Soul purpose, passion and wellbeing

If you are feeling drawn to initiate the Divine Human within you, then this Membership is designed for you!

  • Members can choose from 3 Tier options – participate in monthly ‘Live’ Zoom Mentoring, receive monthly online multi-media mentoring and training, or the VIP option that includes Zoom shows, online curriculum, plus join a private Chat Room with a growing Spiritual Community for connection and interaction.
  • In the private Chat Room, VIP Members can participate in ongoing spiritual conversations, receive personal messaging with Meg & Manette, give and receive support with other Members, as they show up for Spiritual Practice in their daily lives.

Please take a look at the Membership 3 Tier Options here:

Lovingly, Meg


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