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New Future Timeline

May 22, 2024 | 0 comments

Since my time working with AA Metatron in Glastonbury, at the heart chakra of Gaia, I’ve been seeing and sensing the anchoring of the new earth timeline strongly in the field. Many of us have traveled from the future, timejumping between realities, assisting the angelic guardians with securing a future timeline on Gaia. This is part of my Soul’s mission and purpose.

I started realizing in 2004-5 that the original cosmic ascension plan was not on track. All the channelers and spiritual teachers were predicting a global shift in consciousness, into a new, higher dimensional reality in 2012. But if you scanned the field, the dark Atlantean timeline was still dominating the world. Everything was still operating in the unbalanced hierarchal power system, even in the New Age community.

During my visits with AA Metatron, a new plan was forming, let’s call it Plan B. It is a free-will plan offering a choice between the current Atlantean matrix timeline or a new future timeline that is heart-centered. This would require heart healing and energetic activations to access the heart-centered timeline. This shift would not happen during an event, a flash, or in the ‘blink of an eye’…but over time, in a healing, clearing process. It would require the continual delayering of lifetimes of heart wounding and disconnection from spirit.

In the quantum field of All That Is, an infinite array of possible futures or timelines flash in potentiality. A Timeline is “an alternate reality in which events unfold differently, often beginning at a single identifiable moment of divergence that establishes a distinct but recognizable parallel existence.” There are now two global timelines accessible to humanity.

We were all born into the ancient Atlantean timeline, run by a small few, top of the hierarchy, controlling the global operating systems. This timeline dates back to the dark history of invasion during the Orion ET wars of the Annunaki/Fallen Ones. Planet Earth was overtaken by an artificial hierarchy matrix that controlled all the resources. Some of the signs you are still entrapped in the ancient Atlantean timeline are: polarized battle between good vs evil, white hat vs. black hat, expecting ET invasion or galactic space battles, expecting a sudden Flash event, believe a secret cabal is controlling the world, fear and paranoia that the government is trying to harm, poison, program or kill you.

The good news is none of that exists in the new earth future timeline. It is pure, clean, untainted by Earth’s past violent history. There is zero illness or virulent Annunaki viruses that destroy healthy human immune systems. The future timeline is heart-centered, compassionate, collaborative and alive in unity consciousness. It is our future we bring alive in zero point NOW!

Many have already shifted timelines, made it their homebase. It is where I’ve been living for several decades. It is a sacred sanctuary for living in Love and harmony. I created a New Earth Timeline mediation you can work with if you desire to join us in Ascension Plan B. Step onto the timeline runway of light, next to me, as you jumpstart your earthly life. Click on:

Lovingly, Meg



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