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New Moon – New Beginnings

Aug 27, 2022 | 0 comments

As we transition from fiery Leo season into earthy Virgo energies, a New Moon in Virgo occurred at 1:17am Pacific Time early this morning! Incoming solar flares from Active Region 3088 intensify the Virgo New Moon action. As summer fun winds down, we start to prepare and plan upcoming projects, define goals and decide where to take action.

New Moons initiate new beginnings and opportunities, perhaps shifting you into a new direction, focus or purpose in life. I’ve been receiving some spiritual guidance recently that is forming a new plan for the next six months. We can take all that potent Leonine spark and leadership inspiration and begin to make it earth-bound with Virgo’s precision, logic, attention to details and solid groundedness.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is the sign of the Healer and Alchemist. Virgo helps filter out what is unhealthy for you, what holds you back. Take some time to tune inwards and identify what still blocks your progress, limits your capacity, prevents you from attaining what you need in life. Virgo provides a helping hand, solace in the deepest despair, healing at the core essence of your being.

When you bring pain and trauma into conscious awareness, transformation occurs. Leo illuminated all in solar radiance, Virgo supports the alchemical process, reforming at the molecular level. As you extract yourself from the shadow matrix operating system, you begin to experience new energy, a new orientation, new quantum consciousness.  You begin to set yourself free!

The Virgo lens highlights the pervasive fear and paranoia spreading through society. Most of the trending soundbites are distorted illusions designed to trigger more chaos and disconnection. The world has been caught in a global storm of disinformation and ‘sleight of hand’ manipulation. As you exit the matrix hierarchical power system, you can stand on the sidelines, observing the insanity for what it is.

Set yourself free of fear, anxiety and paranoia. It is the Ego personality that is addicted to the drama around you. The Ego mind pulls you into the shadow matrix simulation – locking your energy in Time density and separation. When you step into the Quantum Vortex, you unwind and reverse spin Time density from your body, heart, mind and field. When you exist in the zero point state of pure creational force, you can access infinite future potentials. You no longer are limited, blocked or delayed in living your Soul’s journey. The Virgo New Moon amplifies your burgeoning vitality and magnetism in the New Earth operating system. You are coming alive!

Lovingly, Meg


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