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New Year of the Dragon

Feb 11, 2024 | 0 comments

The Chinese New Year on February 10 celebrates the year of the Wood Dragon! 2024 is destined to provide more life opportunities than we’ve seen in past years. It is more extroverted, action-oriented in the physical sense. All those years of deep introspection paved the way for the momentous ‘8’ Year of the Dragon!

The Dragon is the only mythical sign in Chinese astrology of power and courage, encouraging you to take positive action on your own behalf. Wood energy helps you grow, expand, and commit to your visions till they manifest. The Year of the Dragon during an ‘8’ year prepares the way for a prosperous year as you step into greater power and authenticity. It is the perfect time to launch a new project, business, career, relocation, relationship and more!

2024 is an ‘8’ year of personal empowerment, abundance and achievement. I will be focusing much of my time and energy teaching Quantum Access in coming Webinars and Retreats. My first Webinar of the year will be on Wednesday, February 21st – Torus Light Body Activations. Let’s quantum leap to the next level of Ascenson!

Lovingly, Meg


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