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Next Ascension Gateway – Solstice June 21

Jun 16, 2022 | 0 comments

The next Ascension Gateway is the annual Summer Solstice on Tuesday, June 21st. Are you feeling called to influence the planetary field, to shift the global consciousness into a more harmonious state of being? Do you sense your Soul mission is to contribute to building the new earth timeline? As we gather every month during the powerful cosmic gateways, we form a global ‘group mind’ and spread our visions, intentions and heart-felt desires to strengthen the Love vibration all around the world.
This Tuesday the Ascension gateway is open as the sacred Solstice ushers in a new season on the first day of Cancer, the sign of Universal Mother, feminine nurturing, leading with the heart. As our hearts heal, the planet heals. During these Gateway openings, the galactic photon Light propels humanity into a higher frequency, into a breakthrough point. It can feel like being pushed to the next level, bursting into a new energy. The Solstice portal is active and alert, humming and vibrating with galactic light frequencies…opening a sacred stargate for personal transformation. We are floating in infinite quantum limitlessness!
The June Solstice in the northern hemisphere is the longest day of Light – the one day of the year that fully illuminates ‘Heaven on Earth’. We will see the Sun rise on the Eastern horizon as far North as it will ever appear all year. The diamond light consciousness is revealing the truth of who you are, why you are here, and what you came to do! Never before have human Souls transfigured their body from density to luminosity. The light infusion during the Solstice Gateway awakens higher consciousness…a cosmic remembering of your divine destiny.
What no longer harmonizes with universal Oneness and unity consciousness is dissolving. We are approaching a tipping point in the human collective, as we spiral higher and higher. When we join together and stand in the zero point field of creation, our presence ignites the quantum possibilities to materialize our visions and intentions for a new global operating system. We are the alchemists initiating new consciousness codes and templates for a higher dimensional world reality. This is our gift to Gaia and humanity. This is how we fulfill our soul mission.
Calling all New Earth Wayshowers, Master Alchemists and Star Beings from all around the world to gather on Tuesday, June 21st for the Solstice Gateway Activations. Let’s join AA Metatron in the alchemical zero point field of all creation and serve our Soul mission to build the New Earth. Register Here:
Lovingly, Meg


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