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Point of No Return

Jun 2, 2020 | 0 comments

As we move into the Eclipse Gateways, we are reaching the ‘point of no return’ as the old regime fights to hold onto control. With so many planets in retrograde and the Lunar Eclipse this Friday, we are experiencing a deep review cycle of hidden shadow. The Eclipse at 15° Sagittarius is flushing out what separates and divides us.

Eclipses bring about transformative changes in life, initiating course-corrections and adjustments that serve our highest good. This could be an emotional catharsis for you, as the eclipse shakes things loose. Observe any unconscious patterning or unresolved wounding that comes to your awareness for healing.

The T-square with fiery Mars is fueling increased tension, anger and karmic triggers involving misuse of power or abusive behavior. After centuries of oppression and violence, the people are rising. We have reached a tipping point in the collective that can no longer resume ‘what used to be’.

As the two worlds pull apart, emotional trauma and cellular memory is coming up for healing and transmutation. You may feel like you are being pulled apart as well. Support the old energy to release as you open to the new era rising.

The Lunar Eclipse Gateway opens the portal to new timelines and potential future outcomes. The Ascension Process involves the decomposition of unjust systems and breaking free of oppression.  The only way forward into 5D and higher is living in unity consciousness. We must unite together and demand a better world.

We are gathering online this Friday, June 5th during the Full Moon Eclipse Gateway to spread Love, peace and harmony in the collective field as we build our New Earth. We are bathing in photonic/plasma light while the gateway is open. Purify and cleanse your field of outdated energies, setting yourself free to bridge into the 5D earth plane.

We are the Light Bearers, the Gridworkers and Earth Angels! Join other Star Beings from all around the world, as we gather on Friday, June 5th for our Global Activations. The show is recorded for replay.  If you would like to participate, click here:




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