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Discover for yourself how Quantum Healer, Meg Benedicte can transform your physical reality in life-altering ways!

Drawing from 20 years of Ascension experience, Meg Benedicte has developed Quantum Access™, the time-tested technique that will rocket you into the stratosphere of higher consciousness, so that you too can alter the direction of your life forever.

By bridging the principles of Quantum Physics with Metaphysics and the ancient alchemy of Zep Tepi Egyptian Mystery Schools and Sirian technology, Quantum Access™ will improve your personal health, wellbeing and Spiritual evolution. You will learn how to access your portal to the quantum field and shift into the vertical quantum flow of life force. Let go of old patterns that no longer work in the new 5D paradigm.

Step into the Quantum Vortex and ACCELERATE your energy frequency and personal Ascension into living as a Divine Human.

Meg will share with you time-tested, practical steps to becoming Divine Beings, and the Quantum Vortex is the most advanced tool in existence to speed up our energy vibration!


All Activations/Healings are encoded in the timeless Quantum Vortex and are effective no matter when you participate.

Ascension Tips

Guidance for your Journey Toward Ascension

by Meg Benedicte and Debra Giusti

Ascension is the accelerated spiritual process currently taking place within all planetary life during this cosmic evolutionary cycle. It is a step-by-step process initiated at spiritual awakening to up-level into higher dimensional existence and quantum consciousness. Through the gradual healing and clearing of dense trauma, ancestral patterning, and activation of the light body, we evolve into higher 5th dimensional frequencies, clear connection with our higher self and deep Soul embodiment. Pdf Download Files.

Download Tips #1

Download Tips #2

Quantum Access™ Instructional Training Video

Follow the steps to activate Meg’s Ascension Tool

The Merkaba is the spiritual vehicle that transports our consciousness from one dimension to another. The Merkaba helps us fully activate and expand the 5 platonic solids and double-star tetrahedron of our Crystalline Light Body through the 12 chakras and dimensions. The Merkaba is surrounded by swirling rotating fields of Light activated by Metatron’s Cube.

Quantum Access™ Video Webinar

‘Alchemy of Ascension’ Course with Meg Benedicte

By activating the sacred geometry of Metatron’s Cube and tuning into the harmonic frequency of Soul Presence within a logarithmic spiral, we can re-establish internal order, balance and stability while metabolizing waves of photon light at the cellular level. When meditating in the Quantum Vortex, we open the inter-dimensional doorway of the mind.

When spinning in an anti-clockwise (feminine) vortex in a 45 degree spiral expansion, we can unlock from the Time Matrix. Activating Metatron’s Cube and the Quantum Vortex will unwind time density compression, increase energy frequency, expand the force field of light and integrate the multi-dimensional soul aspects into union.

ProtectiveContainer.CourseCover900 (200x200)Activate Quantum Access™ Meditation mp3 Download

30 Minute Introductory Meditation to the Quantum Access technique

In 1994 Meg experienced a profound awakening that activated her unique portal access to the quantum field. Meg offers Quantum Access™, to clients and students to quickly shift consciousness, unlock karma and remove energetic patterns so they can accelerate their personal Ascension. Quantum Access™ is the most effective, accelerated method to unlock trapped emotional/mental/chemical information from the cells by neutralizing the gravitational field. Quantum Access™ activates the sacred geometry template of Creation – the origin of gravity, color, life, perception, and consciousness itself. Experience the powerful transformative activation in this 30 minute guided meditation.

ProtectiveContainer.CourseCover900 (200x200)Quantum Access™ Invocation pdf download

Follow the step-by-step formal Invocation to activate Quantum Access™ and enhance your personal spiritual growth and enlightenment.




Quantum Access™ Audio Activations

Included are powerful healing activations from some of Meg’s most popular online workshops.

Offered in this Download Package are recordings of Meg’s transformational technique in energy healing and quantum alchemy with large online classes.

Accelerate your personal ascension by incorporating these activations in your spiritual practice. Be prepared to quantum leap the development of your energetic light body and Soul embodiment.

1) Quantum Access™Activation – Soul Light Stream

30-40 Minute Healing Meditation – mp3 Download

Humans are transmitters and receivers of energy waves, frequencies, and intuitive non-verbal communication. Quantum coherence, or coherent energy at the subatomic level, enhances the interactive communication between energy waves. A coherent state increases the amount of energy transferred by the wave and its impact on matter.

When LIGHT is alive and activated in the holographic mind, our visualizations are projected into the quantum field, carrying light with them. Photon light is the carrier of consciousness, the intelligent instructions that particulates electrons into physical matter. Soul Presence enters the body in the form of golden light stream. As Soul Presence (Light Current) moves and flows through the organs and surrounding areas in the physical body it beats with a certain pulse and rhythm that is called the Soul’s energetic signature.

2) Quantum Access™Activation – Activate Right Brain

30-40 Minute Healing Meditation – mp3 Download

The analytical left brain is connected to the 3D particle field of matter…our physical world. The intuitive right brain is connected to the holographic, virtual particle field of Spirit and the energy body. The right brain connects to the multi-dimensional world of visions and imagination, intuition, new ideas, soul connection.

Photon light consciousness transfers all codes, symbols, and intelligence of the Soul Blueprint from the quantum field down the chakra channel to code into the pineal crystal (Master Receptor Cell) and the intuitive right brain. As we gradually ascend into higher energetic frequency and dimensional access, the Soul light activates the ascension codes that support the transfiguration of the cellular structure.

3) Quantum Access™Activation – Activate Soul DNA Blueprint

30-40 Minute Healing Meditation – mp3 Download

Quantum coherence at the subatomic level, enhances the interactive communication between energy waves. DNA operates as a biologic quantum field computer which connects us to the energies of the spiritual dimension and consciousness.

The Soul Blueprint operates similarly to an architecture blueprint, like a user’s manual of important codes, instructions, and detailed plans. It is imprinted in our energy signature, our fingerprints, in the tone of our voice, the map on our hands, the patterns of speech, our astrological natal chart, and all other aspects of human distinction. From the moment of birth…the genetic bloodline of our Soul DNA has been coded into the etheric template and recorded for eternity.

4) Quantum Access™Activation – 5D Ascension Field

30-40 Minute Healing Meditation – mp3 Download

The Heart Center acts as the bridge between the 3D physical body and the Soul’s 5D/6D energy body. Past wounding that is stored in the Heart Center requires healing to open the heart bridge to Soul Presence and the 5th dimensional earth plane.

When we increase our energy frequency by spinning our atoms faster in counter-clockwise motion, we spin out lower vibrational toxins stuck in the chakras and open our channel to higher dimensional access. We are shifting from being dominated by the 3D thinking mind to sensing and feeling the flow of energy in the heart’s 5D feeling field.

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Listen to Meg’s video and get started now….

What people are sharing about using the Quantum Access Activations

Meg Benedicte is on the cutting edge of consciousness and divine awakenings. She continues to astound me with her deep understanding of the Universe and the NEW tools she continually brings to the evolution of human awareness.

Repeatedly, people who take part in her practices and programs report back to us incredible changes, transformations and awakenings. Meg opens up new dimensions of healing, transformation and prosperity for others with seeming ease. Many times for those who have previously been unable to awaken, heal or transform!

She is a true master of this work and I recommend her for anyone who is interested not only deep transformation but a paradigm shifting understanding their reality. She will open you up to an infinite and all-loving ‘You’ …so get ready!”

Darius M. Barazandeh
Best Selling Transformational Teacher and Host

“Meg’s talk was perhaps the most powerful I’ve ever experienced online, in terms of tangible, flesh-level resonance and vibrational heft. Many of the energy masters do their work, in my perception, on more subtle levels, so it was very satisfying to have strong and sustained field activation that moved instantly into the physicality of my body (and beyond). Reminds me (longingly) of my many hours in TaiChi class, and now Meg’s imagery and intention makes the evocation of this beautiful energy direct and immediate.”

Jeneth Blackert
Founder of New Wealth Experience Telesummits

“I’ve been meditating most days with Meg’s activations and I believe that with discipline, that those seeking to bring more light, peace and freedom into their lives and beings, and to accelerate their spiritual ascension may find great value here! I’ve found them so valuable that I’ve even encouraged my husband to purchase a few of her individual meditation mp3’s and to practice regularly. Meg brings a strong magnetism that fuels her activation recordings! I highly recommend! Her meditations are rocking my world! Also, for those on a strict budget, you can work with Meg too! If you sign up for her emails, she has frequent offerings of group talks and activations/meditations. The first one of those I attended led me to a direct experience of the cosmic center of the universe! The things I saw there were nothing short of magical and intensely inspiring!” – Cathy

“Wow!! What a beautiful, loving, powerful process! I felt deeply enveloped by love, peace and light. I am resonating with everything that Meg is saying!!!! I have been working in the past year to clear past abuse, trauma and persecution with intense daily healing and forgiveness ceremony work. Listening to Meg gave me such an insight that this is all intermingled and involves a past life persecution and a family operating system. Now, I understand that I still need to clear the emotional impact of these events. Thank you for such an inspirational, helpful, amazing call!! Lots of love to you all!!!” – Tanya

“I woke up this morning feeling very grateful, and I just wanted to express my gratitude towards you for all of your teachings – the quantum vortex, ascension activations, etc. Thank you for assisting me & all of us in changing our minds and views on how reality really works – in this life & in all multi-dimensional lives, helping to bring us into the 5th dimension and much more. Thank you. I humbly appreciate what you do and I hope you have a wonderful day. In gratitude” – Kim

“Thank you very much, enjoyed visiting your website and watching your videos. Thank you for your gifts; great food for thought. I love the meditation and .pdf file on how to activate the ascension process. God bless you. Warmly” – Gracie

“The meditation vortex download really has helped me come into harmony and peace while working in chaos. I was so amazed after one meditation that I had such results. I have become a member and look forward to future webcasts and connections to your site, Thank You again” – Pat

“I just watched the video on your site about Unified Field Theory…WOW! I LOVE IT!!! This is totally up my alley. Love & Light” – Elizabeth

“I simply cannot get enough of the info, the meditation…feels like home…thank” – Karin, Netherlands

“I am very happy to be writing to you today. I have benefited greatly from your work, and so appreciate that you have generously made it available on the internet. I have been on this path, like you for over 15 years. My path is different, as I can see my job going forward is different, yet your work resonates so tightly with me now, and has been the source catalyst of my shift across the “event horizon” or through the opening in the time/space continuum you refer to as the new earth. Your meditation/transmission template is quite powerful, particularly in the sequence it falls in my path. Thank you” – Cherie

“Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel for the work you did for me on Monday. My body feels strong, solid and intact and I know I’m not leaking energy anymore, plus the feelings of lethargy and exhaustion are gone. I particularly enjoy the strong feeling of love coming from my soul family. It’s like being in a nice warm, fuzzy cocoon and I can go there simply with a thought. Thanks again” – Kathleen


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