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Quantum Access® Practitioner – Caoimhe O’Neill

Jun 30, 2021 | 0 comments

For the past two years I have been teaching and mentoring Master Healers in the Quantum Access® Modality. I am thrilled to be able to introduce to you the gifted QA Practitioners and their quantum services that support health and wellbeing, while activating Soul purpose and destiny. 2021 is a pivotal year of great clearing and purging of past earthly history and stored trauma.

I encourage you to take advantage of the Quantum Access® Practitioners’ services to support your personal Ascension and Soul Embodiment. I would like to introduce to you Caoimhe O’Neill…

Caoimhe O’Neill is passionate about supporting others on the path of Healing, Awakening and Ascending. With a deep personal understanding of how unconscious programming, unresolved trauma and ego resistance can stop us in our tracks, Caoimhe can assist you in the release of discordant energy interfering with Soul Embodiment and Ascension.
Her own healing journey commenced in 2011 and following a 20-year career in business, she retrained in various healing techniques. On awakening to Ascension, she discovered Quantum AccessⓇ which she has used daily for 3+ years. She has experienced rapid transformation and acceleration of her own Ascension path through this modality.
As a Quantum AccessⓇ Certified Practitioner, she specializes in Birth Family System Deprogramming, Release of Codependency, Inner Child, Core Wound and Ancestral Healing. Caoimhe is based in Ireland, timezone UTC and offers 20 min free consultations before booking.
Contact Caoimhe to book a free consultation at: or visit her website and book a session at


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