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Practitioner Directory

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Shirley Hilzinger – Certified Quantum Access ® Level 1 Practitioner
Through intuitive listening and the methods of Quantum Access®, I tune-in to what your soul has come here to express through you, as a person, in this lifetime.

I came to this work by a circuitous route. My formal education is in nursing, with further education as a nurse practitioner. I always knew that healing was about a lot more than just working on the physical level. This was confirmed by my own life experiences as well, when I was faced with a serious health challenge. This jump-started my interest in healing beyond what the medical system and physical healing had to offer. I explored many different methods, but the biggest and longest lasting impact has been, and continues to be, my spiritual and emotional work.

Within that realm, Quantum Access® has propelled me into and through deep healing and release work, raising my vibration along the way. It is my honor to be able to now assist others in using this method to access their higher selves and integrate more of their Soul Presence into their lives. If you are ready for a quantum leap in your personal land spiritual life, I am ready to assist. Visit www.hilzingerharmonics.com or contact shilzinger@hilzingerharmonics.com

Katie Rose – Certified Quantum Access ® Level 1 Practitioner
Quantum Access ® unlocks the pathway to a profound understanding, awareness and embodiment of one’s Soul nature; leads to the discovery of our Soul gifts; and aids us in our service to others while manifesting a purpose-full and joy-filled, abundant life. It can be experienced in one-on-one sessions for deep clearing; as a daily practice of meditation that brings us into the NOW moment or in groups.

Katie’s personal journey has provided firsthand experience through many personal challenges and stages of life. Her professional journey as a Educator and later a Trauma Services Specialist (15+ years) focused on guiding others in taking the next steps to wholeness. She has actively used Quantum Access Modality in her personal daily meditation practices for two years, in group gridwork and now one-on-one private sessions.

Please join me on this amazing journey. I am happy to meet with you to answer questions or discuss options and to assist you in taking the next step on your Soul Journey. For further information contact support@roseenergetics.com or visit https://www.roseenergetics.com

Lola SolRa – Certified Quantum Access ® Level 1 Practitioner
I been consciously involved in the Ascension Movement since the early 2000s, when I left a career in the corporate world to devote my energy to full time meditation practices. I spent a few years traveling the world visiting sacred sites, spiritual communities and teachers. These experiences taught me to navigate the unconscious realms of the human psyche and brought deep healing and integration of my fragmented aspects.

Since then I have been assisting others to do the same by helping them remember and reconnect to the multidimensional nature of their Souls. In 2017 I came across the work of Meg Benedicte and finally found an amazing tool for the speeding up of human evolution. Its powerful effect on the clearing of dissonant energies from the auric field and the realignment to each individual Soul’s energy is profound and revolutionary. I integrated the Quantum Vortex technique to my own practices and now use it as the main modality when working with clients.

Born in Brazil, I lived in the United States and Spain for brief periods, and have called Australia home for most of my life. I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish fluently and would love to assist you on your journey of awakening. If you would like to find out more on how the Quantum Access Technique can help change your life, please visit my website on https://www.alightonthegrid.org or contact me on one2one@alightonthegrid.org

Candice Souza – Certified Quantum Access ® Level 1 Practitioner
As a Soul Growth Facilitator and Healing Arts Practitioner since 1993, I now solely focus on and utilize my personal experience and training as a Certified Quantum Access Practitioner and an Akashic Records Guide. I support my client’s journey into healing while experiencing a balanced soul-integrated life for themselves. I hold a sacred space for clients that fully honors the Universal Law of Sovereignty.

My loving intention is that as a client you reach and maintain your soul embodiment to the highest degree possible for you in this lifetime. I hold space and facilitate your journey into finding your sweet spot of wholeness and peace while releasing that which no longer serves you. It is a profound honor to walk alongside you on your journey. Please visit my website www.candicesouza.com or contact me at candicesouza9@yahoo.com