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Remove 666 Matrix Codes

Jun 6, 2022 | 0 comments

All of 2022 we are immersed in the magical ‘2’ energy. 2 represents Divine Mother, the High Priestess, the Goddess essence. The 2022 feminine infusion will alter and transform the global operating system from the dissolving hierarchical patriarchy into a more equitable circle of collaboration, community and sustainability. This year is a threshold moment for humanity and Gaia. It is an entry point in a new direction, launching a new paradigm on planet earth.

In numerology 2022 also adds up to a ‘6’ year. The ‘6’ life path is learning how become a responsible adult, being accountable for our actions. This ‘6’ year heralds a call for earthlings to be more responsible with each other and with our beloved planet. It is time to up-level to more conscious living.

On Monday, June 6th the cosmic 666 gateway initiates a clearing of the ancient codes or ‘mark’ that enslaved humanity. Since the Fall, when the fallen consciousness swept the planetary field, an artificial top-down pyramidal hierarchy power-system has controlled the earth plane. There has been astral interference targeting incarnating Souls at the earthly entry gates. These gateways have been controlled for thousands of years by the fallen presence.

Every incarnating Soul had to agree under coercion to enter the control Matrix simulation at the hi-jacked entry gates. Upon agreement, incarnating Souls received ET artificial intelligence, implants, tags, holographic inserts and tracking devices. The Matrix simulation streams transmissions of artificial programming into the body, heart and mind, creating a false self and distorted earthly reality.

Since Solstice 2012, the Matrix unlocked. The world has been going through a massive disintegration of the false simulation, ushering in a global awakening. The transmutation phase involves the continual delayering, deprogramming and dissolving of all Matrix interference. One of the tags we received at the earthly entry gates is the 666 Matrix code. The Matrix code of 666 represents the particle field of matter. The physical universe is constructed of carbon, with an atomic number of 6 – 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. With the removal of the distorted 666 Matrix codes, humanity can evolve beyond carbon to crystalline.

With the collapse and removal from the Master Cell of the 666 Matrix Codes and distortion veils from the pineal and 3rd Eye chakra, it is possible to break free from the control simulation. When all chakra centers pulse in harmony, fueled with crystalline diamond Light, the chakra channel opens to the higher realms beyond the lower astral plane of Duality. With the collapse and removal of the 666 Matrix Codes and reptilian hybrid Death Codes of devolution, we can break free of the Matrix simulation, disentangle from the reincarnational entrapment and open a direct path (lifeline) to Source Creator and Soul homestar.

You can work with my Quantum Access® Protocols for removing the 666 Matrix codes while the 666 Gateway is open and active. Go to: Set yourself FREE! We are responsible for liberating ourselves from all interference and this ‘6’ year supports our progress in living as divine humans.

Lovingly, Meg


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