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SALE OFFER – Clean Energy Field Course

May 11, 2022 | 0 comments

The powerful eclipse portal can trigger an intense period of healing, cleansing and purging. If you feel stuck or needing assistance, I’m offering $30 OFF my ‘Clear Energy Field’ Course to support your healing process..

The ‘Clear Energy Field’ Self-Study Course will teach you how to clean and clear your energy field, establishing a protective auric container. Work with my Quantum Access® Protocols to unlock debilitating mental programming, clear trauma and toxic sludge, chord cutting, clear energetic blockages and barriers, remove astral entity violation, repair auric tears and perform energetic clean up.

The Clear Energy Field Self-Study Course:

Full Price $122 – SALE $92

The Clear Energy Field Course includes:

  • Clear Energy Field eBook
  • Clear Energy Field WorkBook
  • Clear Energy Field Video Training
  • mp3 Audio Activations

Order today to support your personal transformation:


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