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Sirian 77 Gateway Activations

Jul 5, 2024 | 0 comments

On July 3rd, the annual portal opened to Blue Star Sirius, initiating an infusion of Sirian light consciousness into the planetary field. If you are sensitive to subtle energy, you have been noticing the field flux shifting during the past 48 hours. It swept us through a frequency threshold, into a higher consciousness breakthrough! It is lifting us up higher and higher, into a world reality that we only could imagine before.

The powerful 77 gateway on Sunday, July 7th, activates a time differential to future Earth. The portal provides an interdimensional doorway to Gaia’s ascended incarnation. All who are grounding to the future Earth timeline have been liberated from dark matrix entanglement and fallen Atlantean trauma. It has been unwinding and purging intensely since the Solstice.

As you set yourself free from your earthly history, you are transitioning into the new future Earth timeline so you can activate your Soul’s ascension incarnation. It is a profound process to experience. Step-by-step, you exit from the ancient Atlantean destruction and awaken in a newly formed reality in unity consciousness. It is our future spiraling back to us.

This is the time of the year when the Sun and Sirius rise on the horizon together in harmonic convergence. We can connect to Star Sirius and the ancient Sirian Elders every year while the stargate is active and bathe in the Blue Ray. Spiritual energy emanates forth from the star Sirius into the heart chakra of our Sun and then makes its way to earth through the solar rays.

In Sunday’s Activations we will receive the powerful Sirian Blue Ray transmissions of heart-centered living in harmony and balance. Sirius is the prototype for the Ascended Gaia. The Sirian template dwells within all of us – it is embedded in the human hybrid DNA. The Sirian Blue Ray awakens the sacred geometry technology of your crystalline Light Body for Ascension.

Lovingly, Meg


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