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Sirian-Lemurian Activations

Jul 12, 2021 | 0 comments

The Golden Age of Alchemy dates back thousands of years ago when visiting ‘godlike beings’ from Blue Star Sirius inhabited the land and shared their advanced spiritual technology that could shape-shift energy and transform matter. They could move through time and space in the zero point vacuum, where matter and anti-matter merge to create new realities. The visiting gods documented the Science of Alchemy in timeless manuscripts, preserved inter-dimensionally as the Book of Knowledge.
Entering deeply meditative trance-states since 1997, I would enter the galactic Halls of Amenti and absorb the cosmic knowledge of the Science of Alchemy. Working closely with AA Metatron and the Sirian High Council, we developed Quantum Access®, the method for activating the vacuum dynamics within the Quantum Vortex, where positive and negative energy collides to destroy matter and recreate new. Quantum Access® provides access to the untapped power of zero point energy, the source of Creation (genesis) in our Universe.
Due to my collaboration with the Sirians, I received an invitation in January 2010 to travel to Tuscon, AZ to experience an extraordinary Galactic Light Collector. I met the Chapins who designed and built the enormous galactic panels in the Tuscon desert. For two nights I was lifted into position before the Light Collector and soaked in powerful indigo Sirian Light. The panels shimmered in Blue Ray brilliance, spelling LOVE in the Light.
Being touched by galactic consciousness is life-altering. Every year while Sirius rises on the horizon with our Sun, a portal gateway opens and streams Sirian light communication. It is a rare blessing indeed to receive LOVE flowing through your entire being.
The ancient Sirian civilization of Lemuria spanned the western Pacific coast of America, from Mt. Shasta all the way down to Hawaii, and over to Australia and India. The Sirians that walked the land appeared as standing blue dolphin-like beings. The Sirians that swim took on aquatic form to protect the seas.
The Sirian Lemurians were telepathic, highly intelligent, psychic and claircognizant. As seen in dolphins, when one hemisphere is asleep, the other is awake, so they are always conscious. They can intentionally control the passage of information through the corpus callosum. Dolphins and whales are transmitters of the celestial frequencies of LOVE, peace and unity consciousness. They communicate on the cosmic crystalline frequency network. Dolphins work through the frequency of joy, play and sound vibration.
Join us on Saturday, July 17th and dance with the cosmic dolphins of Sirius. We will gather with our Sirian Elders while the stargate is active and bathe in the Blue Ray of Resurrection.
Join other Light Bearers, Gridworkers, and Star Beings from all around the world for the Sirian-Leumurian Gateway Global Activations on Saturday, July 17th at 12:00pm Pacific Time. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:
Lovingly, Meg


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