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Sirian-Lemurian Lineage Webinar

Jul 2, 2022 | 0 comments

Due to expressed interest, I will be offering an Encore Presentation of my Sirian-Lemurian Lineage Show in a Zoom Webinar on Saturday, July 9th. The Webinar includes presentation on the Sirian-Lemurian lineage, my personal history with Sirian Elders and the Lemurian – Mount Shasta connection, Q&A segment, plus ‘Live’ Sirian-Lemurian Activations with AA Metatron in the Quantum Vortex. All who register will receive the Zoom replay link and passcode.

Often called the Dog Days of Summer, a cosmic gateway opens when the Sun and Star Sirius (Dog Star) rise on the horizon together in harmonic convergence between July 3 and August 11th. The Sirians are members of the Family of Light assisting Gaia’s ascension. For those Starseeds with Sirian/Lemurian bloodline code and timelines, you may experience light communication and cellular memory activations. During this six-week period a continual stream of Sirian Light consciousness (indigo blue light rays) will activate the halcyon days of ancient Lemuria.

Step into the Quantum Vortex with AA Metatron and connect with the Sirian-Lemurian lineage that pulses alive in Mount Shasta. Being touched by galactic consciousness is life-altering. As we step into the infinite quantum field, we will weave together ancient Sirius, Lemuria and our New Earth!

Saturday, July 9th from 12pm – 2pm PT

Zoom Webinar Fee $33


You will receive a separate Event Email with Webinar Zoom link once payment is processed. Never miss an email from us and add to your approved email list to prevent blocking to spam.

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte



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