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Solstice – 777 Gateway Magic

Jun 9, 2023 | 0 comments

Now that June has arrived, we are moving into the annual Solstice alignment with the massive vortex located at 27° Sagittarius at the galactic center. The June Solstice in the northern hemisphere is the longest day of Light – the day of the year that fully illuminates ‘Heaven on Earth’. During our monthly Gateway Activations, we are forging a direct pathway to Source Force energy!

Gemini represents the two sides of dualism. Instead of engaging in the opposing forces of duality in the Hierarchy, we are shifting into the New Earth field of harmony. In a couple weeks the Solstice aligns in exact zero point position with the galactic center, launching the powerful solar events of Summer 2023 – Solstice, 777 Gateway, 88 Lionsgate.

When you expand and blend in harmony with the field of order at zero point, the atoms in your body begin to rearrange themselves into more coherent order. You are transmuting the atomic structure of 3D codes of separation into crystalline Soul codes of divine expression.

Imprinted in every cell of your body exists a record of human earthly history. All past and potential future outcomes are encoded in the DNA, dormant and waiting for your attention. Now that the Zep Tepi gates are open and accessible, the dormant star seeded divine human codes are awakening from a deep sleep. The ‘7’ year of 2023 is a breakthrough year for the Wayshowers. We are being prepared for the threshold 777 Gateway of Ascension, occurring on July 7th.

From mid-July through mid-August is the annual heliacal rising of star Sirius, often called the ‘Dog Days of Summer’. This is the time of the year when the Sun and Sirius rise on the horizon together in harmonious convergence. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky, illuminating the path home to the Family of Light. For those traveling star beings with Sirian/Lemurian timelines, you may feel the light transmissions deeply within your being.

The heliacal rising of a star is the first day the star becomes visible in the east in the light of dawn just before sunrise. The ancient Egyptians noticed that the heliacal rising of star Sirius would occur a short time before the annual flooding of the Nile. During this period, the nourishing river would overflow its banks, sweep into arable lands and deposit fertile silt ideal for farming.

The Sirians are an advanced ascended race with extensive knowledge and experience working with sacred geometry and crystalline technology. With support of the Angelic Guardians and galactic 12 Root Races, the Sirians influenced the birth and glory of the Lemurian civilization on Gaia. The annual rising of Sirius is a powerful time for accelerated evolutionary advancement, leading to the powerful 8:8 LionsGate Activations on August 8th.

You may be feeling and sensing a gradual upswell of energy as we approach these power points in the cosmic grid lattice. The Zep Tepi energies are moving through our bioenergetics, sweeping out the old 3D human structure of separation. It is an intense process of transfiguration. Let’s keep the momentum moving!

Join other Light Beings and Wayshowers in the upcoming Solstice Gateway Activations on June 21. You can register here:

Lovingly, Meg

PS: We worked with the new Zep Tepi energies during the Eclipse Gateway global meditation. Get started with activating your divine human template:



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