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Transformational Galactic Gateway

Dec 13, 2023 | 0 comments

We are currently experiencing the 12:12 Gateway Activations since yesterday’s New Moon in Sagittarius alignment with the galactic vortex center. While the 12:12 Gateway is active, the 12 crystal Rainbow Rays of the 12 universal dimensions ignite more of the dormant Light Body & Pillar. 12 is the activation code. It is pulsing strongly in the field right now! If you would like to accelerate the crystallization of your Soul’s Light Body, you can still register here:

The Sun concludes the final degree of Sagittarius on Thursday, December 21, 2023. We celebrate the annual Winter Solstice on the shortest day of the year and the return to Light in the northern hemisphere. The Solstice is the day we recognize the stillness of universal balance in the Circle of Life. The Solstice initiates a new season at 0°Capricorn while the solar system aligns with the galactic center.

The Solstice occurs when the sun ‘stands still’ between light and dark. It is the ‘zero’ balance point of all creation. It may feel like you are suspended between the old dying system and the New Earth explosion. It is a universal ‘pause’ as everything goes to zero. It initiates a global restructuring of human consciousness. All of creation spirals in circular rotation, in morphic fields of coherence, fueling forward momentum and evolution. Gaia has entered an accelerated spin cycle, initiating rapid advancement as a conscious, living being.

We have much to be grateful for during yuletide, as the world is awakening and shifting into higher consciousness. 12:21 signifies the ‘mirror effect’ of opposites. The 12:21 Solstice is a still point moment of deep inner balance, everything that is out of balance is felt intensely. With Pluto concluding the final days in Capricorn representing the patriarchal system, the Aquarian Era intensifies. We are forging a new society of conscious coherence.

The Aquarian galactic reset ripples into every area of life. Whatever you initiate during the 12:12 – 12:21 Gateway will ripple into the quantum field of all possibilities. As you near the annual Solstice on December 21st, let your imagination run free in the quantum holographic field. You are in the process of birthing alive your Soul’s ascension incarnation.

We have been gradually transitioning from the Age of Pisces into the Aquarian Age for some years now. As we clear ourselves from the collective karma during the Age of Pisces, we embrace more enlightened freedom (Aquarius). The past centuries have revealed how top-down hierarchical systems lead to corruption and power imbalances that are not in the best interest of society.

The lessons of the Patriarchal Era are embedded in the hearts and minds of humanity. It is unsustainable. As long as the world is ego-driven, humanity will struggle to achieve the Aquarian ideals of individual freedom and collaboration within thriving societies.  The path of progress forward requires shifting into the new heart-driven circular system of community.

Some of the shifts we can expect in the New Earth circular operating system:

  • A shift from capitalism to human capital
  • A shift from top-down hierarchies to circles of innovation and invention
  • A shift from big cities to smart cities and smaller communities
  • A shift from duty or obligation to true collaboration and service
  • A shift from linear time to circular energy flow

As we join together from all around the world, we seed the planetary field with new earth templates, consciousness and holographic inserts as we alter the course of humanity. We will flood the field with LOVE vibration! As we gather together with AA Metatron, let’s spread world peace into all the sacred sites, into the crystal grid, into the stargate portals and into the collective community.

As Gaia aligns with the galactic vortex, your bioenergetics receives a surge of crystalline code activations. The dormant Light Body awakens with sentient consciousness. Your Soul’s crystal ascension codes awaken as the genetic structure evolves into quantum unfoldment. Your Soul Light awakens your dormant Light Body, activating a bigger container of Light, the home for your Soul. It is a homecoming and an awakening!

Join the Family of Light as we will travel to the galactic center on the Solstice and transform our world. All events are recorded for replay. Register here:

Lovingly, Meg



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