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Unlock Infinite Quantum Possibilities

May 9, 2023 | 0 comments

Ever wonder how to harness the full potential of your magnificent, intuitive mind? It may feel challenging to ignite the dormant power of creative visualization and manifestation. Throughout the day, a stream of meaningless worries and conjectures scramble for mental territory, distracting and disturbing focused intention and attention. In so many ways, the powerful mind may also block access to untapped potential. So how do you access the infinite quantum realm of possibilities?

The famous saying ‘I think, therefore I Am’ by 17th century philosopher Rene Descartes conjures a compelling case for imaginative mastery. I have been intrigued with this concept for years. Asking myself, how can I become the creator of my reality? How does consciousness impact my daily life? How can I direct the flow of energy that determines my future?

Working as a quantum healer for 25 years provides a front-row seat into the extraordinary nature of existence. How it looks. How it operates. How it responds. One of the surprising, yet distinctive phenomenon I kept noticing in the quantum field is a type of informational template instructing the formation of the material plane. If I wanted to understand why something formed the way it did, I was constantly pulled to explore the encoded blueprint.

At the quantum scale, all of existence pulses and vibrates as energy. In quantum mechanics, physicists demonstrated that light and matter display characteristics of both waves and particles. After years of investigation within the complexities of quantum energy, I realized the human brain was not the originator of mental cognition, but the receiver of incoming energy waves of data from the quantum field. Based on the steady stream of consciousness flooding the mind, these wave fluctuations determine the physical condition.

Quantum Researchers have proposed that the 3D realm is a hologram, an image of reality encoded on a two-dimensional (2D) surface. In a universal holofield, the nature of physical reality becomes more mutable and malleable. When you access the information embedded in the holographic template or blueprint, you can recode the holographic projection. You can influence how wave-particles of energy materialize in the physical plane. You can harness that creative power and enhance the future outcome.

The human mind operates like a quantum computer that portrays or projects external reality like a hologram. Imagine that your mind acts as a movie projector, displaying the stream of flashing images into the field around you. Photons are the universal shuttle bus, the carrier of consciousness that informs the quantum blueprint. Photonic light transfers intelligence that forms into physical matter. When photon light is activated in the holographic mind, your visualizations are projected into the quantum field, carrying the light with them.

You are an electromagnetic being. When you combine photon light visualization (electrical) with heartfelt desires (magnetic), you become a powerful projector of future possibilities. Tune into your dual nature as a physical being (particles of matter) and a spiritual being (wave state) simultaneously. Mindful meditation is the tool that enhances visualized magnetism. In the stillness of the now moment, in the coherent heart, all opens to you in quantum potential. It requires quieting the mental chatter, feeling into the sensory body, slowing and deepening the breath. The power of imagination, visualization and passion merge and ignite in harmony.

Matter is crystalized spirit made manifest. The formation of your physical reality provides an observable feedback loop in which one can see itself, recognize itself, understand itself, and test itself. Engage with the vibrant field of consciousness pulsing around you. Focus the power of your holographic mind on the life you desire to live. Your creative gifts are waiting. The possibilities are infinite!

Lovingly, Meg


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