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Which Operating System do YOU Choose?

May 21, 2022 | 0 comments

We’re still experiencing the eclipse after-effect, dealing with whatever was triggered, heightened or revealed for release and resolution. Additionally, the solar activity is sweeping through the field with a fury. Take some time to ground in the upgrades, rest, nourish and recover from such an intense eclipse portal. All this upheaval and reset propels us further in an advancing state of expanded consciousness and soul embodiment.

At a foundational level, we are exiting an old power system and migrating into the new earth system. There is a global re-orientation occurring within the framework of a new operating system. Just as we use Windows or macOS operating systems to access our computers and function online, humanity uses a planetary operating system to live.

There are now two parallel operating systems accessible to choose from. We incarnated into the long-standing, top-down, pyramidal power system that parasitically feeds the top tier elite from the energy, resources, and life force of the lower levels and Gaia. Obviously, this is an imbalanced operating system that is destroying the majority of life on the planet.

There currently is a battle waging to maintain control of this corrupted operating system. The top tier will do everything they can to perpetuate this dark operating system as long as they can, but since the start of the pandemic it is shaking, shuddering, gasping to survive. The global re-orientation accelerated during the pandemic lockdown, unlocking the stranglehold on the lower tiers of planetary life.

Simultaneously, the new earth operating system has been evolving, anchoring and activating for all who choose to shift. Instead of a top-down pyramidal system, the New Earth offers a circular continuum that resources life force at all scale, be it personal, community, planetary and universal circulating energy field. The New Earth operating system functions in unity consciousness. It is a self-sourcing ecosystem that enhances life on the planet.

As we move further into the 2000’s, we are witnessing a global shift from a dying system into a newly forming world system of collaboration. It is happening. It is permeating every level of life on planet earth. If you look, you will see it. It is available to all of you. All it takes is a conscious decision to extract and remove your energy from the parasitic pyramidal operating system. Every day, every hour, every moment you focus on immersing yourself in the New Earth operating system as your foundation, your homebase, your field of operation. Then feel the magic begin!

Lovingly, Meg


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