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Zero Degree Regime Change

Mar 31, 2023 | 0 comments

Zero degree power pulses in the field while Pluto sits at 0° AquariusPluto spends approximately 20 years in each astrological sign, the entire orbit lasting 248 years. Pluto energizes 0° Aquarius till June 11, then reenters Aquarius on Jan. 20, 2024 to Sep. 1, 2024, and Nov. 19, 2024 to March 9, 2043.

Last time Pluto was in Aquarius during 1778 – 1798, this transit ignited the signing of the US Constitution, plus the American and French Revolution. Pluto transforms whatever it touches in a death/rebirth cycle. During Pluto’s transformative cycle, it will bring unprocessed feelings, beliefs and experiences from the subconscious, into conscious awareness. Pluto’s job is dredging up what no longer is beneficial out of the shadows to be released and let go.

As you know, we need to feel it, to heal it. When we are aware of the imbalances, then we can start to take positive action in a new direction. When a condition becomes conscious, the light can enter and transmute hidden shadow. Conscious light is the universal transformer!

What is Pluto’s transit in Aquarius bringing to our awareness for transformation? Pluto questions corrupt hierarchies, initiating a regime change, a new society. Pluto is amplifying the Aquarian Renaissance, a new era of creative output, innovation, and conscious lifestyles. During Pluto’s transit in Aquarius of community, the world will band together for humanitarian and spiritual causes. While Pluto holds space in zero degree power, take advantage of this opportunity.

Coming soon are two powerful eclipses. We enter the Eclipse corridor with the first Eclipse in the final degrees at 29°52′ Aries on April 20. This is a rare astronomical Hybrid Solar Eclipse. This unusual cosmic event is a unique combination of a total and annular eclipse. As a result, the moon’s shadow will fall on the Earth, partially blocking the sun’s rays and creating a beautiful ring of fire around the moon. According to, during the 21st century, just 7 out of 224 solar eclipses were hybrid.

Eclipses are times of alignment, their goal is to remind us of our life purpose. During this new moon eclipse, be ready to ignite your inner fire (Aries) and embrace a season of new possibilities. Eclipses are turbo-charged gateway events. During eclipses, the veils dissolve, bridging the physical and spiritual realms. Be open and receptive to new energies, new consciousness, new downloads of data that illuminate your destiny path and plan. A rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse (new moon on steroids) portends a profound turning point.

This is the first eclipse on the Aries-Libra nodal axis since 2015. This Solar Eclipse inspires self-improvement and self-mastery of primal urges. In the sign of Aries, the eclipse will highlight matters related to courage, bravery, self-image, and independence. This Eclipse Gateway encourages finding a balance between caring for personal needs and others’ needs.

Join other Light Beings and visiting Starseeds for the Eclipse Gateway Activations. Travel to your Soul’s original Homestar and connect with your unique home starlight. Register here:

Lovingly, Meg


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